William Atherton  1715 ... NK    

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  Lucy Nxn 1715 ... 1796 
  Richard Atherton  1737 ... 1804
  Henry Atherton  1740 ... 1816
  John Atherton  1740 ... 1820  
  Lucy Atherton  1745 ... NK
  William Atherton  1750 ... 1803  

William & Lucy Atherton : c1744
Arthur Devis: Liverpool, Walker Art Gallery

The painting is a statement of the status of the Atherton family – leading members of the social and cultural society in the ‘Harrogate of Lancashire’, namely ‘Proud’ Preston. Unlike Harrogate it was a thriving port and its wealth largely came from trade and William Atherton was a successful and wealthy wool-draper.. This painting indicates such wealth and social graces. Mr & Mrs Atherton were leading figures in Preston Society, being an Alderman and Mayor. Here they are displaying their new house in the town and its modern and fashionable interior – thereby making a clear statement about their importance, influence, and aspirations.1

William was Mayor of Preston in 1732 and 1738.