On Thursday evening an inquest was held at the King's Arms Hotel, before Mr F Smith, coroner, touching the death of William Denton, of 13, Ackers Street, which occurred on the morning of that day.

Sarah Denton, the wife of the deceased, said he was 40 years of age, that he left home about 12 o'clock at noon on the day of the accident, and did not return until he was brought home in the evening.

Thomas Critchley, watch movement maker, Warrington Road, said that on the day in question the deceased walked with him to St Helens. The witness had to take some work there and as it was wet he advised Denton not to go, but the latter would not be dissuaded. They had some beer on the road, and some more at St Helens.

In the evening they were returning on the omnibus, when the deceased, though not drunk, was under the influence of drink. When they got to Knowsley Park lodge the deceased, who had been riding on the side of the 'bus, rolled over the rail, and the witness tried to catch hold of him but failed.

When he was picked up he was quite insensible. W A Breen, conductor of the 'bus, said the deceased seemed all right before he fell off. He heard Critchley, when they were near Hewitt's lodge, say, He's over or something to that effect. The 'bus was then stopped immediately, and the man was taken up by several others and afterwards conveyed home.

Dr Morris stated that the deceased had suffered from paralysis, which he had no doubt was caused by a fracture of the spine.

A verdict of accidental death was recorded.