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    Number in   Number of         Head of        
House   Household   Rooms         Household   Occupation   Where born

  6           Kelly, John   Labourer at coal mine   Ireland
  3           McDonnell, Michael   Agricultural labourer   Ireland
  6           Broderick, Mary     Ireland
  5           Kearns, Patrick   Brick maker's labourer   Ireland
18   1           Jennings, John   Tramway labourer   Ireland
  3           Keenan, Andrew   Agricultural labourer   Ireland
  1           Carney, John   Coal miner   Prescot Lancashire
  1           Day, Bridget     Ireland
  6           Cochrane, Charles   Mason and beer seller   Ireland
  5           Moore, James   Bricklayer's labourer   Ireland
  7           Caslin, Peter   Mason's labourer   Ireland
  3           Gilligan, Michael   General labourer   Ireland
  4           Walsh, Bridget     Ireland
  3           Deveny, Elizabeth   Hawker   Ireland
2   1           Murry, Ann   Agricultural labourer   Ireland
2   1           Harris, Sabine     Ireland
  1           Maloney, Annie     Ireland
  9           Maloney, Michael   Shoe maker   Ireland
  2           Stacey, William   General labourer   Ireland
  6           Gordon, Bridgit     Ireland
  2           Neyland, Ann     Ireland
2   1           Sullivan, Bridget     Ireland
  7           Cavannah, Anne   Laundress   Prescot Lancashire
  3           Devine, Margaret   Coal miner's labourer   Prescot Lancashire
  4           Gilligan, Bridget     Prescot Lancashire
  1           Doddy, Anne   Pedlar   Ireland
  10           Comer, Michael   General labourer   Ireland
  2           Finn, John   General labourer   Prescot
  1           Ball, Ellen   Charwoman   Ditton Lancashire
  5           Kelly, Thomas   General labourer   Prescot Lancashire