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    Number in   Number of         Head of        
House   Household   Rooms         Household   Occupation   Where born

  2           Mercer, Jane   Shop keeper   Liverpool Lancashire
  6           McCulley, James   Coal miner   St Helens Lancashire
  5           Scotson, James   Watch tool maker   Prescot Lancashire
  6           Dennett, John William   Butcher   St Helens Lancashire
  6           Heyes, James   Clogger   Billinge Lancashire
38a   5           Jeffs, Joseph   Watch maker   Coventry Warwickshire
  9           Heaps, James   Plumber   Prescot Lancashire
  3           Flinn, Margaret     Ireland
  11           Fogg, Henry   Accountant and Registrar   Tarbick Lancashire
  7           Fowler, Joseph   Greengrocer   Huyton Lancashire
  3           Hunt, Jonathan   Cow keeper   Huyton Lancashire
  12           Keannan, Patrick   Ganger   Ireland
  2           Cook, Ralph   Butcher   Prescot Lancashire
  10           Barlow, Frederick   Sadler   Prescot Lancashire
  4           Brady, William J H   Coal miner   Liverpool Lancashire
  2           Duggan, Nxn   Hawker   Ireland
  2           Cain, Joseph   Shoe maker   London Middlesex
  2           Tickle, Mary     Prescot Lancashire
  4           Cavannah, Thomas   Coal miner   Prescot Lancashire
  8           Connington, James   Brick maker   Ireland
  5           Hora, Mary   House keeper   Prescot Lancashire
  4           Thompson, James   Coal miner   Prescot Lancashire
  3           Gilligan, Michael   General labourer   Ireland
  10           Kelly, James   Colliery labourer   Ireland
  3           Black, Ellen   Washer woman   Ireland
  3           Murray, John   Coal miner   Prescot Lancashire
  3           Walsh, Patrick   General labourer   Ireland
  3           Cavannah, Anne   Hawker   Prescot Lancashire
  6           Burke, Peter   Coal miner   Prescot Lancashire
  3           Hora, Michael   General labourer   Prescot Lancashire
  3           Cruise, Mary     Ireland
  5           Brady, Philip   Coal miner   Whiston Lancashire