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    Number in   Number of         Head of        
House   Household   Rooms         Household   Occupation   Where born

  4           Eaton, William George   Deputy Sexton   Prescot Lancashire
  4           Price, Thomas   Watch maker (finisher)   Prescot Lancashire
  4           Dagnall, Charles   Watch frame maker   Prescot Lancashire
  5           Wild, Charles Henry   Physician and surgeon   Bootle Lancashire
  5           Eaton, George John   Confectioner and sexton   Prescot Lancashire
  9           Edwards, James   Shoe maker   Prescot Lancashire
  2           Lawton, Benjamin   Letterpress printer at wire works   Prescot Lancashire
  9           Haigh, Thomas   Watch hand maker   Prescot Lancashire
  8           Jackson, John   Keyless watch maker   Wigan Lancashire
  5           Gill, Walter R   General labourer   Liverpool Lancashire
  6           Prescott, William   Domestic gardener   Prescot Lancashire
  3           Hignett, Mary     Woolton Lancashire
  7           Halsall, Frederick William   Auctioneer Estate Agent and Printer   Prescot Lancashire
  18           Webster, Emily Gertrude   Publican and licensed victualor   Portland Dorset