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    Number in   Number of         Head of        
House   Household   Rooms         Household   Occupation   Where born

No's 2 - 94
  5           Whitaker, Jane     Yorkshire
  11           Whitaker, James   Market Gardener   Prescot Lancashire
  9           Jones, Charles   Assistant Superntendant Prudential Asssouranc Co   Whitby Cheshire
  4           Johnson, William Henry   Watch maker mechanic   Wednesbury Staffordshire
  4           Scales, William George   Printer compositor   Selby Yorkshire, West Riding
  3           Chesworth, James   Watch maker (finisher)   Prescot Lancashire
  4           Webster, John   Chronometer pinion maker   Prescot Lancashire
  4           Gray, Robert   Domestic gardener   Scotland
  4           Earle, Richard   House painter   Eccleston Lancashire
  4           Byron, Margaret     Prescot Lancashire
  2           Connington, Michael   Drainer of land   Prescot Lancashire
  3           Jones, John   Coal miner (drawer)   Hawarden Flintshire Wales
  5           Jarvis, George   Gardener (domestic)   Chester Cheshire
  5           Swift, James   Gardener (domestic)   Knowsley Lancashire
  2           Harris, Jane   Teacher of music   Astwood Bank Worcestershire
  1           Holme, Emmanuel   Bricklayer   Prescot Lancashire
  3           Harrison, John Morten   Copper wire splicer at wire factory   Prescot Lancashire
  3           Preston, Rachel   Living on own means   Prescot Lancashire
  3           Miller, William George   Watch pinnion maker   Prescot Lancashire
  2           Griffiths, Robert   Watch jeweller   Thatto Heath Lancashire
  4           Chesworth, George   Watch fuzee maker   Eccleston Lancashire
  6           Williams, Mary Ann     Mold Flintshire Wales
  5           McMahon, James   Coal miner (hewer)   Widnes Lancashire
  5           Case, James   Parish Clerk   Prescot Lancashire
  1           Green, Harry   Telephone engineer at at wire factory   Basford, New Nottinghamshire
  5           Huckle, Alfred James   Watch escapement maker (foreman)   Dartford Kent
  9           Fogg, Margaret     Down Holland Lancashire
  5           Prescott, William   Clock frame maker   Prescot Lancashire
  2           Houghton, Margaret     Lowther Cumbria
  3           Forber, Martha   Living on own means   Eccleston Lancashire
  7           Roughsedge, James   Crate maker   Rainhill Lancashire
54   3           Roughsedge, Anne   Sop keeper   St Helens Lancashire
  5           McCarthy, Eugene   Postman   Ireland
  3           Taylor, Edward John Valentine   Solicitor's clerk   Prescot Lancashire
  8           Walker, Thomas   Watch frame maker   Prescot Lancashire
  5           Gore, Aron   Wheelwright   Bilton Warwickshire
  4           Prescott, Herbert Thomas   Fruit merchnt's clerk   Prescot Lancashire
  5           Greenway, Samuel   Watch maker (finisher)   Coventry Warwickshire
  8           Franklin, Henry Reeves   Watch examiner   Coventry Warwickshire
  5           Lawrenson, Nicholas   Gardener (domestic)   Prescot Lancashire
  3           Brandreth, John   File manufacturer   Garston Lancashire
  3           Valentine, Sarah   Cook (not domestic)   Ruabon Wrexham Wales
  5           Doke, Alice   School mistress (private)   Whiston Lancashire
  9           Barlow, Frederick   Saddler and harness maker shop keeper   Prescot Lancashire
  3           Robinson, James   Store keeper at watch factory   Prescot Lancashire
  11           Gerrard, John   General labourer   Whiston Lancashire
  3           Earle, Elizabeth     Eccleston Lancashire
  3           Persall, Edward   Gardener (domestic)   Eccleshall Staffordshire