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    Number in   Number of         Head of        
House   Household   Rooms         Household   Occupation   Where born

And Courts
  7           Starkey, William   Watch balance maker   Eccleston Lancashire
  3           Pownall, Mary     Runcorn Cheshire
  5           Case, John   Watch fuzee maker   Prescot Lancashire
  6           Orford, Thomas   Watch barrel maker   Eccleston Lancashire
  4           McGarrell, Michael   Bricklayer's labourer   Ireland
  4           Leyland, John   Watch tool maker   Eccleston Lancashire
  4           Critchley, Ellen   Stay maker   Prescot Lancashire
  1           Taylor, Agnes Annie   Grocer (shop keeper)   Prescot Lancashire
  3           Houghton, Arthur   Watch case maker (springer)   Rainhill Lancashire
  9           Scotson, James   Mechanic at watch works   Prescot Lancashire
  4           Rogers, Robert   Railway shunter   Rainhill Lancashire
  4           Fletcher, Ellen   House keeper (non domestic)   Appleton Lancashire
  6           Atherton, John   Town postman   Prescot Lancashire
  2           Pownall, Henry   House painter   Eccleston Lancashire
  4           Young, John Thomas   Watch maker's mechanic   Eccleston Lancashire
  5           Hunter, William   Watch maker (finisher)   Prescot Lancashire
  6           Donohue, Margaret     Prescot Lancashire
  6           Williams, Thomas   Coal miner (hewer)   Holywell Flintshire Wales
  10           Platt, John   Coal miner (hewer)   Whiston Lancashire
  7           Naylor, Thomas   Brass finisher   Eccleston Lancashire
  5           Hall, John Edward   Manager and Secretary of gas works   St Helens Lancashire
  2           Holden, Henry   Gardener (domestic)   West Derby Lancashire
  7           Roscoe, James   Gas works stoker   Prescot Lancashire
  2           Bibby, Ann     Prescot Lancashire
  7           Roscoe, William   Watch tool maker   Prescot Lancashire
  4           Jones, William   Coal miner (hewer)   Eccleston Lancashire
  7           Shuttleworth, James   Coal miner (hewer)   Sunderland Durham
  4           Culley, Peter   Coal miner (hewer)   St Helens Lancashire
  4           Jones, Frank   Iron machinist   Birmingham Warwickshire
  5           Fisher, William   Coal miner (drawer)   Haydock Lancashire
  8           Prescott, William   Watch frame maker   Prescot Lancashire
  3           Beesley, Arthur   Gas meter inspector   Prescot Lancashire
  6           Woods, John   Stationary engine stoker   Prescot Lancashire
  5           Critchley, George   Coal miner (hewer)   Prescot Lancashire
  7           Wagstaff, James   Coal miner (drawer)   Liverpool Lancashire
  8           Renshall, Thomas   Watch hand maker   Prescot Lancashire