The Mather family of Billinge and St Helens is linked to the Berry family of Prescot by the marriage of Florence Mather to Edward Berry in 1949, my parents.

The surname Mather is quite extensive in Lancashire and the subject family of these pages has lived consistently in and around Billinge, with some families moving to St Helens in more recent times. A Richard Mather , born in 1596 in Lowton, near Wigan sailed in 1635 for New England and his descendants include his son Innocent Mather and his grandson Cotton Mather, who was one of the judges in the infamous Salem Witch Trials.

The core Mather family of these pages have been traced back to the mid 1600''s. The family has been the subject of some detailed research. One particularly useful source has been The Billinge History Society publication with one section (starting page 83) being devoted to 10 generations of Mather in Billinge. My research has reached slightly different conclusions as to the exact line of descent of my family and the author's, but overall the same root is arrived at.

The generations

There are many Mather families to be found in the Parish records of Wigan in the 16th Century, Billinge was at that time within the parish of Wigan. The earliest definitive reference is to Richard Mather in the Wigan Court Leet Rolls. There are records of leases for land in 1654 and in 1659 Richard Mather was elected a constable of Billinge and Winstanley.

Richard had at least 3 children, Peter, Richard and Francis between 1650 and 1660. Only the middle son Richard has been traced so far.

Florences' lineage is as follows

Joseph Mather 1891...1942 F M Florence Greenall 1895...1979
George Mather 1869...nk GF GM Ann Nxn 1869...nk
Edward Mather 1832...nk gGF gGM Elizabeth Roughley 1834...nk
Richard Mather Nk...Nk ggGF ggGM Margaret Nxn 1801...nk
Joshua Mather 1769...1856 gggGF gggGM Peggy Mather 1782...nk
James Mather 1733...1802 ggggGF ggggGM Ann Berrington 1740...nk
Thomas Mather 1686...1745 gggggGF gggggGM Hannah Rawlinson 1700...nk
Richard Mather 1651...1733 ggggggGF ggggggGM Elizabeth Nxn 1651...1745
Richard Mather n1630...1672 gggggggGF gggggggGM Margaret NxN 1630...1680