08 May 1829Advertisement for the letting of Eccleston Pottery
12 Jun 1829Mr J R Jones announces that he has now taken over the pottery
02 Sep 1831Advertisement for the Letting of Lyme House, Eccleston Street, Prescot
19 Oct 1832Advertisement for the letting of Toll franchises
18 Dec 1835Report of the Bankruptcy hearing of John Sherratt
02 Aug 1839Advertisement for the letting of Toll franchises
09 Jan 1846Prescot Petty Sessions
06 Mar 1846Prescot Petty Sessions
24 Apr 1846Prescot Petty Sessions
10 Mar 1848Prescot Petty Sessions
20 Apr 1849Advertisement for an auction of property in Prescot
25 Sep 1849Suicide
01 Oct 1850Special Sessions
14 Jan 1851Man charged with stealing potatoes in the Prescot Union Workhouse
17 Jan 1851A word for St Helens becoming a legal division in its own right
17 Jan 1851Kirkdale Sessions and the proposed creation of a Petty Sessions Division of St Helens
24 Jan 1851Prescot Petty Sessions
31 Jan 1851Prescot Petty Sessions
04 Feb 1851Prescot Petty Sessions
21 Feb 1851Prescot Petty Sessions
18 Mar 1851Deserters in Court
25 Mar 1851Prescot Police Court
01 Apr 1851Prescot Special Sessions
18 Apr 1851A Daring Robbery at Burscough and Prescot Police Court
25 Apr 1851Advertisement for an auction of property in Fall Lane and Church Street
29 Apr 1851Prescot Petty Sessions
09 May 1851Prescot Police Court
20 May 1851Prescot Police Court
01 Aug 1851Prescot Police Court
08 Aug 1851Prescot Petty Sessions
17 Oct 1851Prescot Petty Sessions
21 Nov 1851Letter to the editors of the Liverpool Mercury complaining about the late delivery of post to Huyton from Prescot
28 Nov 1851Letter to the editors of the Liverpool Mercury from an indignant Prescot Postmaster
02 Dec 1851Letter to the editors of the Liverpool Mercury in response to the Prescot Postmaster's letter
09 Dec 1851A further letter to the editors of the Liverpool Mercury from the Prescot Postmaster
13 Apr 1852Prescot Police Court
08 Oct 1852Police Court
18 Dec 1852Advertisement for an auction, including a number of properties in Snig Lane
23 Jun 1854Prescot Police Court
11 Apr 1856Announcement: Prescot Floral, Horticultural and Poultry Exhibition for 1856
07 May 1858Prescot Petty Sessions
28 May 1863Births, Marriages and Deaths
13 Apr 1869Prescot Union Workhouse; Master called on to resign
18 Aug 1869Suicide at Prescot
02 Jan 1871The Truck Commissioners at Prescot
03 May 1871Prescot Petty Sessions
14 Jul 1873Fire at Whiston Colliery
01 Oct 1875Prescot Adjourned Licensing Sessions
09 Nov 1876Prescot Highway Board and Petty Sessions
23 Aug 1878Prescot Licensing Sessions
12 Aug 1879Deaths
14 Apr 1880Prescot Riots
22 Apr 1880Burglary at Eccleston
18 Jun 1881The murder at Prescot
10 Aug 1881Alleged wife murderer
06 Oct 1884Fatal Colliery accident at Whiston
12 Jul 1885Meeting of Whiston miners
27 Aug 1885The Whiston miners' strike
22 Oct 1885Colliery fire at Prescot
14 Nov 1887Company Registration of the British Watch Company, Limited
25 Feb 1888Fatal accident to a collier
23 May 1888Prescot Petty Session
22 Aug 1888Licensing Session
21 May 1889The Prescot Watch Making Industry factory opening
13 Jan 1890On the opening of the Lancashire Watch Company factory
19 Feb 1890Important watch trade case at Prescot
09 May 1890Bankruptcy hearing of Joseph and William Beesley, plumbers, Eccleston Street, Prescot
27 Oct 1890Company Registration British Insulated Wire Company
07 Feb 1891Lancashire Watch Company Annual General Meeting
23 Sep 1891Prosecution of miners at Prescot
12 Feb 1892Lancashire Watch Company annual general meeting
21 Dec 1892The Lancashire Watch Industry, great extensions at Prescot
06 May 1893Lancashire Watch Company extraordinary general meeting
09 Apr 1894Shocking outrage at Whiston, a footballer charged with murder
05 Sep 1894Prescot Police Court
12 Nov 1894Winding-up notice for the Prescot Cycle Company, Limited
1895Alledged brutal assault at Prescot
11 Jan 1895The Prescot Cycle Company, Limited, in Liquidation, advertisement for auction of machinery, tools and buildings
1 Mar 1895Lancashire Watch Company Annual General Meeting
21 Aug 1895The Lancashire Watch Company and their employees
28 Nov 1896A dispute at Prescot Colliery
05 Feb 1897Advertisement for the auction, without reserve of the factory of the Prescot Cycle Company
23 Feb 1897Lancashire Watch Company further developments
22 Mar 1897Lancashire Watch Company Limited, new company registration
29 Jul 1897The Sale of Whiston Collieries
16 May 1899Lancashire Watch Company unsatisfactory accounts
8 May 1899Lancashire Watch Comapny Annual General Meeting