On the 21st February 1871 the Prescot Local Board approved the re-naming of some streets as shown below.

At the same time the properties in some streets were re-numbered.

Old name New name

Fall Lane Derby Street
Hooley's Walk West Street
Spout Lane Knowsley Road
Rowson's Walk Park Road
Fazakerky Street High Street
Poor House Wient Tyrer's Passage
The Sough Glover's Court
Gore's yard North Court
Big New Road Warrington Road
The Camp Pemberton's Court
Lyon's Smithy Lyon's Court
Hillock Street Kemble Street
Shuttle Alley Allen's Court
Howards or Parker's Square Parker's Court
Tan Yard Pottery Place
Cart Horse Yard Brewery Court
Willis' Yard Taylor's Court
Alley Weint Chapel Walk
Bear's Paw Yard Barrow's Court
Snig Lane Sewell Street
Trap Lane Garden Walk
Eccleston & Little New Road Eccleston Street
Short Street Chapel Street
Cook Stay Nook Squire's Place
The Acres Acker Street
Mill Lane Mill Street
Gaskell's Yard Gaskell's Passage
Parr's Square Highfield Place
Brown's Sqauare Brown's Court
Mill Brow from the brewery to Tea Street Hill Street
Cross Street from Mr Pye's to Eccleston Street Stone Street
The Orchard Johnton's Court
Goldhand Court Golden Court
The Fold Yates Court
Beesley's Yard (by the King's Arms) Beesleys Court
From Mr Draper's House to the Boundary of the District at the Brook Liverpool Road